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Log-In Problems Ended
InformationHi All!

Pacos asked me to announce you all that the log-in problems are over. From now on anyone can register with is binary option legal in india .

Thank you all for your cooperation and sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Paulo on Monday, February 07 @ 18:13:29 (16 reads)
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Final Fantasy XII

In Stores: 2005
Only for PS2

New Final Fantasy game! It's about a princess named Ashe, who teams up with Vaan, an urchin, and several other characters to protect their homeland of Ivalice against invaders. Excellent graphics, longtime fans of square will recognize the art style in the game as reseambling that of Vagrant Story, an action adventure game. This game has the combat like in FFXI, no screen-shattering and no your-guys-on-one-side-bad-guys-on-the-other-side battle screen. Just another great game Very Happy.




Posted by Paulo on Monday, February 07 @ 17:41:03 (15 reads)
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Log in Problems
InformationIt should be fixed very soon. I removed the security code. But, now the activation e-mails aren't being sent.
Posted by RA_WILL_KILL on Tuesday, February 01 @ 23:19:51 (8 reads)
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Log-In Problems

It has been reported that new users are having trouble registering india binary options with the site due to the visual verification test. No one can seem to get the code it says to work with the code they need to insert. We need to find a way to disable this, so all admins, please look into this issue as I have no idea how to change it and have looked thorughly myself.


Posted by Pacosgames on Sunday, January 30 @ 20:14:15 (112 reads)
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Reviews, Content, and Review Posts
NewsHello All,

I have added content to this site as requested by Pacosgames, This is a full description of Time Splitters 3: Future Perfect.

I have also posted about this so there is some screenshots of it, and a picture of the games cover.

I have added a review of Xamo-Mythoz. It is a fully descriptive Review of the objective, Comments, Ratings.

Best Wishes,
Posted by Xero on Thursday, January 27 @ 02:44:28 (19 reads)
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The Workboard!
NewsAttention Admins of Gaming Extremes:

Please visit the workboard under the Community Navigation Bar. It has been updated on what needs binary option legal in india to be done to get the site up to par! Please work on these projects, as I will also be. Thanks!


RA, since you have FTP access to the site, could you help me by uploading more Games to the forum Arcade, it would be great! Could you also send me some info about their previous locations?
Posted by Pacosgames on Wednesday, January 26 @ 03:43:11 (46 reads)
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New Updates for Gaming Extremes
NewsAs you all see, everything is still up and running here!

I, along with some of the other admins, have update the avator gallery to over 250+ images, so feel free to personalize your posts with these fun new images.

I would also like you all to check out the partners of the site like:

The I-39 Project
Auron's Creations

And soon to come...

Xero Games

Enjoy your stay!
Posted by Pacosgames on Monday, January 24 @ 21:01:16 (11 reads)
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Server Down
HostingWe are sorry that our server was down earlier today.

We apologize for any inconveniences.

Thank You for your patience,

The management.
Posted by RA_WILL_KILL on Monday, January 24 @ 02:24:46 (11 reads)
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Housing Reform
CommunityHello All,

I have been working hard on creating a special reform that'll make this a better place. It is the housing reform. Each house is moderated by one administrotor of Gaming Extremes. As time passes and we get members in our groups, the admin that moderates the the house'll pick 2 people to moderate the house's part of the forum. The admins that run the houses are, Xero, RA_WILL_KILL, Pacosgames, and Lee_337. Thre will be a special house that all the admins ,that are moderator of a house, are in. this will insert community structure and balance into the Gaming Extremes community. If interested, please join, who knows, you could be the fith admin, we're going to need more once this place is off the ground.

Thank You, and if want to be in a group look at the groups section of the site and choose from: Xero's House: The Liquid Alchemists, Lee_337's House: IOM: Invaders of Mythology, Pacosgames's/RA_WILL_KILL's House: The New England Patriots
Posted by Xero on Saturday, January 22 @ 18:58:24 (13 reads)
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New Campaign Announcement
InformationThere is a new campaign project under way! I, Xamolxis, Pacosgames, Siewart, Kevin_Shah, and Arendra, are creting a massive 9-11, scenario campaign.Updates will be posted into my site, found in the web-links Xero-Games.

All additional info. about ~The Taste of Vengeance~ can be found on Xero-Games, found under the web-links, Xero-Games.
Posted by Xero on Friday, January 21 @ 03:50:19 (14 reads)
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