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Welcome to Digital Illusions.

A modification team with high standards and excellence. The mods on this site are currently under development for Age of Mythology and the upcoming Age of  Empires 3. Be sure to check the news regularly for updates on major project releases.  Please note that this site is still under construction.

Incident 39 Unleashed!

This modpack for Age of Mythology is currently under development, but features brand new units, an intriguing story, and tons of extra features for Age of Mythology. I-39 is based off the Jurassic Park Novel and movies. It has been in development for some time now and is ready for its very own website. Kindly brought to you by Gaming Extremes…. Xtinction


Weekly Updates

Step by step…

Most of the links are currently down, but will be up and running soon. You can expect some screenshots of units that have just been released, including the Velociraptor, which a lot of    people have asked me about. I will also be uploading a few new wallpapers for download, and will be sending an article on the I-39.avi movie...  Xtinction


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