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Written by Enforcer   
Friday, 06 May 2005
Welcome to the new home of the Galactic Imperial Forces, once again the leading Imperial Clan on Microsoft's Gaming Zone. We strive to make a clan for all skill types as well as one that is fair and equal. One of the Oldest clans on the Zone, over 4 years running, GIF has made a permenant imprint on those we game with, whether it be Halo 2, Battlefront or Galactic Battlegrounds. GIF now offers a much wider span of duties, jobs and activities within it including Imperial Courts, Security Services, Payroll, The Dark Arena Challenges, and Role Playing Forum Boards. If you are interesting in learning more about or joining our great clan feel free to contact a member of the Imperial Government or Military Command, click on the 'Join GIF' link for more.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 May 2005 )
News and Updates
Written by Enforcer   
Friday, 06 May 2005

Lord Vader's Return
In order to help maintain order throughout the Empire, the Emperor has appointed a new Apprentice. Lord Vader Will help carry the Word of the Emperor himself as well as carry out his personal matters while working closely with the High Command as to help insure order is kept and all business runs smoothly

Navy Retro-fitting
As a means to help fill out the Fighter Corps and help even out the Navy numbers some members of the Naval Main Fleet will be shifted to the Navy Fighter Corps. Check the roster to see if you have been shifted

Bluehawk on Trial
Due to matters unable to be discussed, GIF_Bluehawk has been placed under arrest and will be put on trial. Grand Vizor Mystic has placed a Clan-Wide Gag Order over all members in GIF whichs prevents any member of this clan from discussing the trial at all. Further details will be available at a seperate time.

Verdict: Guilty on the counts of
Insubordination and Disobeying a Direct Order

Punishment: Week suspension and Demotion of one Rank

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 May 2005 )

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