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This is an update on the happenings over at the PSPMag offices. We have decided after much deliberation to axe our plans for Issue 08 and will not be releasing that issue. As such, PSPMag has seen it's last issue, and our new project will be released in September.

Rest assured that we are not throwing in the towel as some have rumored on the forums, but will be coming out full force, bringing you the best possible content for your PSP device, as we have been doing since the first day we began.

The talkback forums are closed so that we can re-tool them for our new website design, as we will be doing with much of our web based applications over the next week or so. We'll post info about the new project once we have everything situated and prepped for release. We're all excited about the new project and know that our loyal readers will be pleased with the results. As we did in the begining, we'll be creating new and exciting ways to entertain you, so stay tuned as we get closer to the launch date.

Best Regards and Many Thanks,

Operator1 and the PSPMag Staff

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