I am aware that not many visitors will see or even care about this website. However to you the lost visitor who stumbeled into it I like to say; Welcome on The Vandhaal Rts scenario design website friend !

I, The Vandhaal design single and multiplayer scenarios and campaigns for game titles like Age Of Mythology and StarWars Galactic Battlegrounds.  Probably new games will also be explored in the future. Besides the scenarios I also create artworks which are most of the time based upon the storyline of my games.

Use the navigation buttons to the left to visit the various sectors from this website. As I got kind of attached to my old trusty Geocities website I have also included a button which leads to it.

In both the Aom and Swbg sector you can find information, screenshots, artworks, downloads and more from the Vandhaals games. In the Theather of the Mind movie sector you can view movies and listen to audio plays or music. Check the forums for progress reports and updates. You can leave your reaction in the forums or by signing The Guestmap ( just place a pin on your location in the world and leave your short message). In the Comlink sector you can find details and info on how to contact The Vandhaal.

Just take your time and enjoy.

Best regards,

The Vandhaal
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